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Like a warm summer breeze she drifts into the room, her metallic glow is something to behold. Ernestine, named for her coffee urn torso, stands just under 5' tall depending how she wears her adjustable aluminum ponytail. E's water pitcher head is adorned with RC drive gears, typewriter parts, a kitchen measuring spoon and Hot & Cold earrings. Fashioned from gracefully Harley Davidson rear fender supports, her arms have been fitted with an adjustable screw clamp. A dainty industrial light shade, super heavy-duty candlestick legs and go-cart wheel feet complete her perfect up-cycled look. Ernestine and her bright smile can easily welcome customers into your coffee shop or just add a bit of class to your home's entrance. Hello beautiful! Her little dog buddy, Star, has found a new home.

  • Dimensions and Weight

    5' tall x 14" wide weight - a girl never tells!!

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